LawFlex Ranked As Global ALSP Leader by Chambers & Partners

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Insights

Chambers and Partners are known as a prestigious authority on global rankings for the legal industry. In its operational team, over 200 editors based in London conduct research into various facets of the legal industry, including dozens of practice fields, and unique niches such as ALSPs, Litigation Support, FinTech and so forth.

This year in 2021, LawFlex landed itself a coveted tier 2 position in Chambers and Partners’ global ranking of ALSPs, specifically within their research regarding flexible legal staffing providers.

The guide highlights LawFlex’s global expansion, proudly displaying its growing network of offices in France, Chile and other locations. The guide also acknowledges LawFlex’s impressive and ever-expanding pool of contract lawyers “with over 600 available for projects around the world, with particularly strong representation in tech, privacy regulation, litigation and e-discovery, as well as corporate M&A.”

The extended profile on LawFlex featured in the guide goes further into detail on why LawFlex is one of the leading global providers in the flexible legal staffing industry.

It is the very DNA of LawFlex and its unique business model that allows other businesses to “access top lawyers from across the globe with the large over-heads of traditional law firms, providing solutions in 26 jurisdictions around the world”.

LawFlex has established itself as a competitive entity in terms of the qualifications behind every lawyer in its arsenal, behind its pricing, and behind the general experience of opting for an innovative company like LawFlex for your legal needs.

CEO & Co-Founder Jackie Donner

The attainment of this prestigious honour of being recognized as a global ALSP leader did not go unnoticed by its team of founders, with CEO Jackie Donner writing about her initial mission to “deliver legal services flexibly”, and how thrilled she is to witness LawFlex be ranked as a key 2021 player in the industry.

Donner also gave a grateful nod to LawFlex’s HQ team, and a “loud shout out” to the company’s “loyal FlexLawyers world-wide who deliver quality work time and time again, with a smile.” LawFlex’s dedicated pool of talented attorneys are, after all, behind what the company has been built up to be today; a solid and irreplaceable part of so many global in-house legal teams and firms.

Zohar Fisher, LawFlex’s co-founder, wrote about what it was like seeing his “vision” for a company revolutionizing legal services come to fruition, and how surreal it was to see LawFlex now “walking shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s largest entities.” Some of those entities include the likes of Axiom, Elevate, Peerpoint (Allen & Overy), and Lawyers on Demand.

Fisher went on to underscore how big of an achievement this was, with LawFlex managing to navigate and even thrive under the “changing winds of the legal profession”, an Israeli company establishing itself amongst the upper-echelon of the modern-legal-elite. It is an accomplishment worthy of celebrating, but as Fisher himself noted, the work is far from complete – and the room for growth is seemingly exponential. But for now, LawFlex has its sights set on Chambers & Partners’ esteemed tier one position.